22 April 2011

White iPhone4/iOS 5 Preview?

Hey there iDevicers, happytechblogger here with some exciting news for you. I saw this video leaked from another source a few days back but I didn’t think much of it then other than it was a clever fake. But now that I’ve been able to scrutinize a higher res videos released by the original source, and after being backed by the guys over at engadget and 9to5mac, I’m starting to reconsider the credibility of this hot new story. Here’s what all the buzz is about!

I know what you’re thinking, but no that’s not Multif0w running on a jailbroken iPhone 4. The truth is what we’re looking at may be a  preview of an upcoming iOS5 feature, but it’s hard to say for certain right now. One thing is for sure, that picture you’re looking at is not a mock-up. That’s a legit prototype white model iPhone4 caught in the wild, indicating that rumors are true and white iPhone 4′s will soon be available to the consumer.
That’s no surprise though as the team behind Tinhte is notoious for leaking Apple products long before the rest of the rumor mill catches up, most notably the first iPhone4 and iPod Touch with camera prototypes from last year. But is that really an alpha iOS5 running on this shiny new white iPhone 4? In lieu of their admirable record for getting their hands on unreleased Apple products, I’d like to hope so.

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