16 May 2011

Typing Limon font in Mac OS

Step 1: download Limon Keyboar layout from (Thank Sopheak for make this keyboard layout possible to post)
Step 2: Copy the Keyboard layout (LIMON.keylayout) to Library (the main one) >> keyboard layouts
step 3: Open System preference: Choose the apple logo on the top-left corner>>>System Preferences >>> International >>> Input Menu, scroll down and select Limon. The keyboard icon should appears on your menu bar, top-right corner.

Note: After that, you might want to customize your keyboard shortcut by turning off the Spotlight's keyboard shortcut in order to switch keyboards between Khmer & English by pressing opt+cmnd+space bar (Spotlight uses the same command). Otherwise, you'll have to switch the keyboard manually, which means you'll have to use the mouse to click and change keyboards


  1. Khmer Unicode support Android OS or not? How to install it on my sony ericsson x10?

  2. Khmer Unicode can support but not 100%(still error in complex script)
    1. you have to root
    2. rename your Khmer Unicode font to "DroidSansJapanese.ttf"
    3. copy "DroidSansJapanese.ttf" to root\system\fonts
    4. restart