07 August 2011

Huawei Mobile Partner

Whats New in Version

* Drivers updated.
Fix the issue that WWAN subnetmask error.
Fix a bug of home provider name queried.
Fix a bug of packet service detached.
Modify the information about the NDIS link speed.
Add PID 1C1C in ew_jubusenum.inf.
Fix an issue that WWAN driver can't be released.

* New Skin Style.
* USSD Recieve Failed issue fixed.
* New font style.
* Fix Windows 7 (x86/x64) Compatibility.
* SIM Toolkit issue fixed.
* Online update added.
* New ICON for Mobile Partner.
* Screen size fixed.
* Mini Frame added.
* MMS Removed.
* Videocall Removed.
* WLAN/ADSL Removed.
* Custmization Removed.
* SkinMagic Removed.
* MAC New Style.
* All userdata to this folder (New)
\All Users\Application Data\Mobile Partner\

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